A Good One to Start With

A Good One to Start With

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making the Invisible Visible

Having recently departed my full-time gig (really needed a major change) I actually have a little free time, in between job hunting efforts. I've been reflecting on the role of designers in commerce, the perceptions of those hiring and the obstacles we all build every day that block the flow. I try to visualize a more efficient way of accomplishing common goals.
Business owners know they need to market their services and products, but they are reluctant to commit enough (often any) money and energy to the process. I can only guess they feel uncertain, not able to pick something off a shelf like a new lawnmower. Most likely they've been burned in the past. Perhaps they aren't convinced design really has monetary value. Maybe they just don't feel adequate to the task of making the relevant decisions outside of their own skill set -- the person, the plan, and the chances of success.

Like I always say, you can't change someone. All you can hope to do is inspire them into action.

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